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360 Degree Oscillating Rechargeable Pedestal Fan with Remote

Reviewed by David • August 18, 2023

impressive and advanced fan with features you don't see in other fans

It's almost summer and it's getting hot and humid by the days. We have central A/C in our house but it helps to have a fan to circulate the cold air in the room, not to mention our basement where we have a home gym set up does not get central A/C. This standing fan is truly amazing and is perfect for our home and I'm sure many people will appreciate this if they understand all the things that it can do.

First of all, it's a cordless fan with 15000mAh rechargeable battery so you can place this fan anywhere even if there's no AC wall outlet near by. You can keep it plugged in if you will be using it in the same spot and don't want to deal with recharging it time to time.

It's not a very tall fan but it still stands up about 35" from the ground and the best part is its oscillating function. It has 3 different oscillating modes where 1) it can oscillate side to side, 2) it can oscillate up and down, and 3) it can oscillate 360 degrees, which is truly amazing as it really circulates the air in the entire room and you can feel the air movements and breeze.

It has brushless motor and it's super quiet while providing up to 15 different speed modes. I like that it has sleep mode for very soft wind as well as timer up to 15 hours. I'm a computer programmer and I love that it has a 1, 2, 4, and 8 indicator lights where different combination of these can set any number from 1 to 15! The person who designed this fan must have been mathematician or computer programmer. Genius!

It also comes with a remote control that I can use to make any changes to the setting and I also love that it has magnetism on the center of the fan's face so you can keep the remote control on it by magnet and you will never have to look for your remote control because you misplaced it. The fan is pretty lightweight so I can easily carry it from one room to another without much trouble. We will be painting our kitchen walls soon so this fan will come really handy to circulate and help dry the paints using the 360 degree oscillation mode. I can't say enough good things about this fan. If you are looking for a fan, look no further because this has everything you will ever need plus more! Easily 10 out of 5 stars!

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