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350W LEQISMART Electric Scooter Adults

Reviewed by David • October 31, 2022

impressive and gorgeous looking electric scooter

This is very gorgeous looking electric scooter that stands out from others due to maple wood platform, like the ones you see on a nice skateboard. It's made out of 5 layer maple wood and its side wood trim just looks drop dead gorgeous and goes well with the scooter color and the logo/pattern on the platform. This is my 2nd electric scooter from LEQISMART and I'm again thoroughly impressed with their design and quality.


It was packaged really well with fitted foam all around the scooter inside the box. This was one of rare electric scooter that needed the least amount of assembly. Only thing that I had to do was screw on the handles and that didn't even require any tool. So the scooter just comes in one piece and the handles are threaded and need to be screwed in. Very simple and easy.

As mentioned before, I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked when I took it out from the box and I'm still amazed by it whenever I ride it. They proved that electric scooters don't have to be all mechanical and technical but can also be stylish and pleasing to look at.


It has 2 buttons - power and mode. The buttons are not on the same side as the LED screen, which is very bright and easy to see, but rather in front and below the LED screen. I actually love the placement of the buttons here since it's easier and more natural to press the buttons with my thumbs without moving my hand from the handle. While this looks like it's minor thing, it's actually very well thought design.
Press and hold the power button to turn on or off then press it twice quickly to turn on the headlight and while the power is on, press the mode button to toggle among 3 different speed modes. Simple enough.

It's very quick and easy to fold the handle bar and lock it in place so I can lift to carry up the stairs or put it inside the trunk for transportation. The ride is very smooth, thanks to air filled pneumatic tires and each of the 3 speed mode caps the top speed at different level for your preference.


The speed is displayed in KM/H rather than MPH. When I turn on the power, I can see the LED has a section for MPH but I couldn't figure out if there's a way to change the metric from KMPH to MPH.
The tail light brighten whenever the hand break is applied but it would have been better and more safe is the tail light blinks instead so it's more visual to the cars behind you. I also had difficult time adding air to the tire using my bicycle pump because the nozzle was too short so you would need to have an air pump with threaded nozzle. Finally, it would have been better if it had an electric bell/horn instead of mechanical bell.


This is a all around high quality with performance that even looks better than any other electric scooters. It's a great choice for commuters since it's easy to fold and carry while looking stylish even if you are wearing business casual with a brief case or laptop backpack. Simple design without too many mumbo jumbo but without compromising in quality and functionality. Highly recommend it.

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