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3000LM 5 Light Modes Rechargeable Camping Light with 4400mAh Phone Charger

Reviewed by David • December 11, 2021

perfect for camping indeed

This is awesome camping lantern that is very versatile.
It has 3 brightness white LED lights, red light option, and blinking red light option for emergency.
The LED light is super bright, thanks to the COB light bulb

It has built-in rechargeable battery with 4400mAh capacity, which can actually work as a power bank to recharge your smartphone! The USB and charging ports are covered by rubber gasket to seal them from water or dust.

It's waterproof and impact resistance so it's rugged, which is perfect for camping or hiking.
It also has very clever collapsible hooks but they are not closed in, which means you can easily hang this in any tree or inside the tent. I really like the red blinking light mode in case of emergency out in the wilderness.

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