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Amazon deleted all my reviews

Posted by David • October 30, 2018

I just found out that all my reviews in my Amazon account have been deleted.

What's more insulting is that I can no longer provide my honest opinions on the products that I purchased from Amazon because apparently they think I violated their community guideline, which is a total BS.

Apparently, Amazon has been deleting millions of reviews recently, yes, MILLIONS.
I'm guessing they are trying to purge fake or biased reviews but the fact that they deleted my reviews tells me that there's a serious bug in their algorithm for detecting the fake/biased reviews.

I was very upset when I found out that they had deleted my reviews even though I only had 18 reviews on Amazon site but I can't even imagine how other people must have felt for those reviewers that had hundreds of reviews deleted.

It almost feels like my very personal privacy has been violated because Amazon was able to take away something that I had put my time and effort in writing in order to help other buyers. Amazon was able to take away from me without any warning or notice, which feels exactly like how you would feel when your house is robbed while you are away.

At the end of the day, I'm glad that I share all my reviews on this site first before sharing on the Amazon product page since they can't delete my reviews from this site. I'm trying to be optimistic and happy that I can still help potential buyers who are looking for recommendations and opinions from this site but I really hope that Amazon gets their act together and QA test their algorithm for fake and biased reviews more thoroughly.

At the very least, Amazon should notify the account holder about their findings and provide reasons as to why they think the reviewer is violating their community guideline, and provide an opportunity to make argument why they are wrong and manually review the case.

If a person from Amazon had reviewed my 18 product reviews on Amazon product page, they would know that there's no way that I'm violating their guidelines. It's really sad that Amazon is filled with so many fake and unhelpful reviews while genuine and helpful reviews are getting deleted. tsk tsk Amazon
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